The purpose of the IEI Expert Database is to provide regional know-how to the foreign investors. IEI aims to deliver timely and accurate information of the highest standards to support the investment decisions of clients. IEI believes that this can only be achieved through effective pooling of local experts. To this end, IEI, in cooperation with affiliates, has set up a database of local experts in order to enhance its capacity. Experts included in the database is divided into 3 types of assignments;

IEI Reporting Assignments; the nature of the tasks that may be requested by IEI to a selected expert/experts are the provision of professional advice / support to IEI’s Reporting Team. IEI Training Assignments; Instructing to IEI trainers. IEI Consultancy Assignments; Informing foreign investors through Investment platform while introducing local investment opportunities to World market.

To be included in the database, applicant experts need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria, which will be assessed from the information provided with a valid application. These criteria are: (1) deep knowledge in the energy industry;  (2) relevant professional experience in energy market; (3) having experience in reporting, training, consultancy; (4) experience in international organizations and companies is preferred.

Not every expert included in the database will necessarily undertake work on behalf of IEI. This means the database contains data on experts who, in principle, are willing to contribute, on a project basis, to the work of IEI. It is expected to study in IEI standards. Reference and invitation letters are accepted for the applications.

The data submitted will be assessed by the IEI Expert Database administrator. Applicant experts will be informed of the outcome of the validation and eligibility steps. This information will include for each non-valid or non-eligible applicant an indication of the criterion that was not met.

Selected experts will be requested by IEI to regularly update their Personal Declaration of Interest (PDI). Experts included into the database are able to update or modify at any time any inaccurate or incomplete personal data in the database concerning their own profile by using PDI form. Experts will be regularly requested to update their profiles or to confirm that their profile information is up-to-date.

How are experts selected to cooperate with IEI?

Each time IEI needs the support of an local expert for a specific task, a shortlist of potential experts is selecting from the database. The candidates who closely match the sought profile are then contacted to check on their availability and interest in participating in the identified task. Additional evaluation and selection criteria are then used to identify the most suitable candidate(s).

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