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  • Featured Article: One down from Central Asian Gas Suppliers – Eastern Europe Watches – September 25, 2013

    The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) was supposed to support the European Union’s strategic goal of securing future energy supply. This usually implied reducing dependence on Russia for supply of gas to states in south-eastern Europe – a concept which is yet to become a reality. TAP project is planned to be commissioned in 2018-19 and … Continued

  • Megatons to Megawatts program will conclude at the end of 2013 – EIA – September 25, 2013

    In February 1993, the Russian Federation and the United States signed a 20-year, government-to-government agreement for the conversion of 500 metric tons of Russian highly enriched uranium from nuclear warheads to low-enriched uranium to fuel U.S. nuclear reactors. The agreement became known as the Megatons to Megawatts™ program. Over the life of the Megatons to … Continued

  • GE Expands Small Scale LNG Business – lngworldnews – September 24, 2013

    In connection with its recent acquisition of substantially all the assets of the Salof Companies, GE Oil & Gas announced that it has completed its acquisition of a 50 percent ownership interest in Beijing enCryo Engineering Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based joint venture with Beijing Maison Engineering Co., Ltd. that specializes in engineering for all aspects … Continued

  • Featured Article: Endangered Environment – The Multi Dimensional Problem – September 23, 2013

       We are all very busy in our lives and often do not find time to observe the deterioration of environment being caused by our modern lifestyle. Most of us are somewhat unaware of the power of human beings to destruct the ecosystems beyond sustainable limits. The redlines are approaching fast unless we take out … Continued

  • How to Play the Diesel/Natural Gas Switch and US LNG Exports – theenergyreport – September 22, 2013

    On his recent tour of U.S. shale basins, Frank Curzio, Editor of Small Stock Specialist and Phase 1 Investor, noticed two major trends: The transportation industry is eager to make the switch to cheap natural gas, and the oil and gas industry wants to further its reach by building LNG export facilities. In this interview … Continued

  • France to Introduce Taxes to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use – naturalgaseurope – September 22, 2013

    France’s President Francois Hollande said that a carbon tax from 2014 and a tax break on home insulation would help the country to cut fossil fuel use by 30%. In a speech on Friday, France called Europe to set the tone for a decreased reliance on oil and gas. “Europe must set an example… It … Continued

  • South Stream an opportunity for Serbia and Bulgaria to boost their energy security – September 20, 2013

    During his visit to Bulgaria, Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic spoke about moral in intergovernmental energy affairs, indirectly dismissing allegations of the countries growing dependence on Russian gas imports Constructing South Stream gas pipeline would not make Bulgaria and Serbia dependent on Russian gas. The project is an opportunity for Serbia and Bulgaria to boost their energy … Continued

  • Shah Deniz Major Sales Agreements with European Gas Purchasers Concluded | BP Global – September 20, 2013

    The Shah Deniz consortium announced on 19th September that 25-year sales agreements have been concluded for just over 10 billion cubic metres a year (BCMA) of gas to be produced from the Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan as a result of the development of Stage 2 of the Shah Deniz project. Nine companies will purchase … Continued

  • Port of Antwerp and EXMAR announce strategic alliance for LNG bunkering in Antwerp – September 17, 2013

    As a result of a European public tender, the Antwerp Port Authority appointed ship owning company EXMAR as its strategic partner for LNG bunkering in the port of Antwerp. Both partners have teamed up for the development of an LNG bunkership as well as for the execution of several further required studies. LNG as a … Continued

  • EEX holds first EUA primary market auction for Poland – September 16, 2013

    Today, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) has conducted the first primary market auction of EU allowances (EUAs) on behalf of the Republic of Poland. The volume of 3,661,000 EU allowances was auctioned off as planned on the Spot Market. The total amount of bids was 8,340,000 EUAs. Therefore, participants demanded more than twice the auction … Continued

  • Government of Ukraine and Shell ink Agreement on the operational activity in hydrocarbon extraction – September 16, 2013

    In the presence of Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov the Government of Ukraine and the Royal Dutch Shell have signed an Agreement on the operational activity concerning the Agreement on distribution of hydrocarbon extracted in Yuzivska area. “It is directly the Agreement that gives complete permission for investing and carrying out activities in the … Continued

  • Mykola Azarov: Ukraine chooses Shell for safe shale gas extraction – September 16, 2013

    Ukraine has chosen Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell to recover shale gas in Donetsk and Kharkiv region because the company has the latest technology making safety gas and oil output in these densely populated areas. This was started by Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov during the Shuster Live program on the Inter TV Channel … Continued

  • Turkey Key to Future European Energy Security – Eli Lovely – September 16, 2013

    With gas from the Caspian Sea set to move from the Southern Caucasus to Europe through Turkey by 2019, the EU-candidate country is destined to evolve into a more robust economic and political power. Turkey’s reputation as a haven of stability in an otherwise fragile region of the world has contributed, at least partly, to … Continued

  • Southwest Power Pool: Rapid increases in electricity demand challenge both generating unit and system operators – Today in Energy – EIA – September 16, 2013

    Because supply and demand for electricity must balance in real-time, rapid changes in demand create operational challenges for the electric system and generating unit operators. For example, electricity demand in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) increased quickly in the morning hours of Monday, April 1, 2013 (see dark blue line, above). To satisfy this rapid … Continued

  • CHILE: A good opportunity to start LNG Bunkering? – September 16, 2013

    Chile is in an advantageous position in the West Coast of South America. Two modern LNG Terminals are already in operation. Both are willing to grow and both have facilities to load tank trucks. The challenge is to introduce and develop the LNG Bunkering business in the country. FACILITIES: One is located in the North … Continued

  • Genel Energy: Update re Tawke – September 16, 2013

    Genel Energy plc (“Genel Energy”) notes that DNO International ASA (“DNO”), as operator of the Tawke Field in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, has today issued the following statement on the field: “DNO International ASA (“DNO International”), the Norwegian oil and gas company, announced today that it has commenced extensive testing of the Tawke-23 exploration … Continued

  • Fortum inaugurates the first large-scale biomass combined heat and power plant in Latvia – September 14, 2013

    Andris Bērziņš, the President of Latvia, and Sauli Niinistö, the President of Finland, have inaugurated Fortum’s new combined heat and power (CHP) plant in the Latvian city of Jelgava on 11/10/2013. The new power plant uses biomass as fuel and will provide district heating to the residents and businesses in Jelgava as well as electricity … Continued

  • Casey’s Marin Katusa: Conflict Could Be Good for Energy Investors – September 13, 2013

    Conflict in the Middle East has Europe scrambling to find reliable energy sources closer to home. This means investors should consider watching for a big shale discovery in a friendly location. Marin Katusa, energy expert with Casey Research, is constantly looking for the next big thing. In this interview with The Energy Report, Katusa profiles … Continued

  • Featured Article: How to Finance Your Business after Acquiring Existing Thermal Power Plants – September 12, 2013

    Dear Readers, Energy Professionals, Earlier we considered pricing and budgeting for a specific thermal power plant in a privatization scheme. After the auction, we know who the winner is. Now it is time to finance the thermal power plant so that it operates rationally, profitably, at full capacity, with the best maintenance care, and in … Continued

  • Caspian countries are developing new oil and natural gas export capacity – EIA – September 12, 2013

    The Caspian Sea region has the potential to export oil and natural gas to European, South Asian, and East Asian markets. With rising energy prices and growing global demand for oil and natural gas, Caspian region countries (which include Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran) are developing several approaches for increasing exports of oil … Continued

  • Wood Mackenzie: Uncertainty in Japan and Korea’s LNG Markets Will Prolong Tight Asian Market Beyond 2020 – September 10, 2013

    Wood Mackenzie says policy and regulatory uncertainty in Japan and South Korea could result in less new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply being developed, forcing continued tightness in the Pacific LNG market beyond 2020 and perpetuating relatively high spot prices. This is contrary to general market consensus that the market will see relief around the … Continued

  • Petronas: Relationship Between Crude Oil And Petroleum Product Prices – September 09, 2013

    In light of the recent subsidy rationalisation by the government of Malaysia, we would like to clarify on the concerns and misconceptions brought up by certain members of the public, which carries the expectation to enjoy consuming petroleum products (especially gasoline and diesel) at minimal price, in line with our status as an oil producing … Continued

  • What to do with urban biomass? Energy, of course! – paristechreview – September 09, 2013

    While the world suffers from energy shortages, there is still one resource that we are able to produce up to 1300 million tons a year on the global scale – in other terms, 1.2 kg per day and per city dweller. The production of this resource has doubled in ten years and should increase according … Continued

  • Biomass pellets CHP to provide with heat and electricity ESF Gateway Center – Biomass Energy – September 09, 2013

    The combined heat-and-power system (CHP) housed within the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s (ESF) Gateway Center, which was officially opened Friday, uses biomass pellets and natural gas to provide the campus with 65 percent of its heating needs and 20 percent of its electrical power. “Today we ramp up testing as we connect … Continued

  • Mikhail Krutikhin: A gas hub in Eastern Europe? – rusenergy – September 09, 2013

    No gas trading hubs, such as NBP or TTF, exist in the southern and eastern parts of Europe. The area has not been able yet to grasp the concept of a liquid market where long-term contracted gas is complemented by short-term and spot deals—and the traditionally domineering role of Gazprom is partially to blame for … Continued

  • Exxon Mobil Predict Natural Gas Demand to Grow 65% in 30 Years – oilprice.com – September 09, 2013

    At a recent petrochemical conference in Pasadena, Exxon Mobil Corp predicted that by 2040 natural gas will be used to generate 25% of the world’s electricity, and overtake coal to become the second most popular fuel source after oil… Source: oilprice.com. 

  • Chinese Zombies Emerging After Years of Solar Subsidies – Bloomberg – September 09, 2013

    Only five solar-power vendors remain in a space built for 170 at a sprawling complex of offices stacked three stories high outside Xinyu city in China’s southeast… Source: Bloomberg.

  • Global Solar Inverter Shipments Fall for the First Time in Seven Quarters During Q2 – pvmarketresearch – September 07, 2013

    Worldwide market shipments of solar photovoltaic (PV) inverters declined by 5 percent year-on-year in the second quarter—the first such decrease since the third quarter of 2011—as demand fell in key European countries. PV inverter shipments in the second quarter of 2013 amounted to 8.3 gigawatts (GW), down 5 percent from 8.7 GW during the same … Continued

  • LNG Storage Deficit Shrinks in August, while Risks of German Supply Losses Not Factored in Prices – September 07, 2013

    NYC-based PIRA Energy Group reports that the LNG Storage Deficit Shrinks in August. In the U.S., storage is on track to challenge last year’s record high, but plenty of capacity remains available. In Europe, decisions by sellers to market more pipeline gas or by buyers to lift more pipeline gas will have a significant influence … Continued

  • Solar manufacturing costs ‘driven by scale rather than cheap labour or subsidies’ – September 06, 2013

    Production scale rather than low labour costs has driven China’s boom in manufacturing PV modules, according to a joint report released today by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Low labour costs and generous government subsidies have often been cited as the main reasons for China’s dominance in PV manufacturing, … Continued

  • Fallon: no new subsidy needed for gas storage – decision saves bill payers up to £750 million – September 06, 2013

    Bill payers will not be asked to subsidise increased investment in new gas storage facilities, Energy Minister, Michael Fallon confirmed on 09/04/2013, saving bill payers subsidy costs which over 10 years could have amounted to £750 million. Independent analysis, commissioned by Ministers, shows the UK gas market continuing to function well in attracting gas from … Continued

  • Mexico: President submits energy reform bill to Congress – September 06, 2013

    In a historic move for the Mexican energy industry, President Enrique Peña Nieto recently submitted to Congress a bill of amendments for a major overhaul of the energy sector. The bill is the beginning of a series of changes to federal legislation in need of reform, and sets out the basis for a new perspective … Continued

  • Statoil and ABB enter subsea technology development agreement – September 06, 2013

    Statoil and ABB have entered an agreement to develop solutions for subsea electrical power transmission, distribution and power conversion systems for water depths down to 3,000 metres and over long distances. The agreement is in the form of a cost-shared joint industrial programme (JIP) led by Statoil on behalf of other participating oil companies, with … Continued

  • NOVATEK and CNPC conclude agreement on share purchase in Yamal LNG – September 05, 2013

    Today, in the presence of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Chairman of People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, OAO NOVATEK (“NOVATEK”) and China National Petroleum Corporation (“CNPC”) concluded an agreement on purchase of a 20% equity share in the Yamal LNG project (“Project”) by CNPC. The transfer of title to the … Continued

  • Gazprom and CNPC sign Agreement on major terms and conditions of pipeline gas supply from Russia to China via eastern route – September 05, 2013

    Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Zhou Jiping, Chairman of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) signed today in Saint Petersburg an Agreement outlining the major terms and conditions of pipeline gas supply from Russia to China via the eastern route in accordance with the accords reached previously. The document is legally binding. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Vladimir Putin, President … Continued

  • 43 Percent of Energy Leaders Plan to Invest More in Efficiency Next Year – September 05, 2013

    Forty-three percent of energy leaders say their investment in energy efficiency next year is projected to be more than it was last year, according to survey results released today by Schneider Electric. Twenty-two percent said their projected investment would stay the same, and 10 percent reported their investment would be less than last year. The … Continued

  • Alstom to supply ECO 122 wind turbines for project in the South of Brazil – September 05, 2013

    Alstom signed a contract worth around 25 million euros with Enerplan, a power company from the Brazilian group Oleoplan, to supply wind turbines to the Pontal wind project in the South of Brazil. The equipment will be installed in a new wind farm located in Viamão, city of Rio Grande do Sul State. The commissioning … Continued

  • GE Installs 500th Wind Turbine in Brazil – September 05, 2013

    GE announced its 500th wind turbine installation in Brazil. The 1.6-megawatt (MW) turbine was installed at DESA’s 38-MW Eurus project in João Camara in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. ”We selected GE for this project because of the company’s industry-leading technologies in wind power generation and its commitment to the industry here in … Continued

  • UGI Completes Acquisition of BP’s LPG Distribution Business in Poland – September 05, 20103

    UGI Corporation announced that its subsidiary, Flaga GmbH, has completed the acquisition of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution business of BP in Poland. BP’s Polish LPG business distributed over 150 million gallons of LPG in 2012 serving the residential, commercial, autogas, and wholesale segments. UGI’s International Propane business distributed over 600 million gallons of … Continued

  • Bulgaria’s Energy Minister to Draft New Strategy in 9 Months – September 05, 2013

    Bulgaria’s Economy and Energy Minister is to prepare an analysis of the condition of the energy sector and its subsectors in 3 months’ time, while the Ministry of Economy and Energy is to draft a new energy strategy in 9 months. The measures were approved by Parliament on Wednesday on the basis of a report … Continued

  • Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm is inaugurated – September 05, 2013

    The Anholt offshore wind power plant was officially inaugurated on September 04, 2013. The Anholt offshore wind power plant is located off Denmark’s eastern coast, about 20 kilometers northeast of the Jutland peninsula. For Denmark’s largest wind power project, Siemens supplied, installed, and commissioned 111 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6 megawatts (MW) … Continued

  • Recycling & Waste to Energy Gasification Plans Approved in Walsall – September 04, 2013

    A 300,000 tonne per year waste to energy facility that will use gasification technology to process residual waste in the UK’s West Midlands has been awarded planning permission by Walsall Council. The site had previously been awarded planning permission for a waste recovery and combined heat and power plant. However, the developer, BH EnergyGap, explained … Continued

  • Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Enhances European Energy Security – September 05, 2013

    Those concerned with European energy are excited for the arrival of finalized plans for the Southern Gas Corridor that will carry natural gas from Azerbaijan, through Turkey, Albania, Greece to Italy. The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), a project of Norwegian Statoil, Swiss Axpo and German E.ON Ruhrgas is due for completion in 2019 and lauded as a way to … Continued

  • Enagás increases its stake in GNL Quintero terminal in Chile – September 05, 2013

    Enagás has increased its stake in GNL Quintero terminal in Chile with the acquisition of the second tranche of 20% owned by the BG Group. To carry out this transaction, Enagás enabled Oman Oil Company to become a partner, with 49% of Terminal de Valparaíso, where Enagás will continue to be the majority shareholder. Enagás … Continued

  • Avonmouth to be the location for Gasrec’s next bio-LNG truck refuelling station – September 04, 2013

    Leading UK bio-fuel supplier Gasrec has announced that its next bio-LNG refuelling station will be built at Avonmouth near Bristol. The station will be built on land adjacent to the M49, M4 and M5 motorways and be capable of refuelling up to 700 vehicles a day. The station will form part of Gasrec’s planned network … Continued

  • Plug & Play initiative for bio-based industry – September 04, 2013

    The Port of Rotterdam Authority enters into a unique co-operation with E.ON, Evides Industriewater, Stedin and Vopak. On Friday 30 August these parties signed an agreement with the aim of creating an 80-hectare ‘Plug & Play area’ on Maasvlakte 2. This means they will cooperate to offer (mains) services to businesses which want to set … Continued

  • Vestas receives 52 MW order for first V112-3.3 MW turbines in Turkey – September 04, 2013

    Vestas to deliver 16 V112-3.3 turbines in Turkey. Erciyas Celik Boru A.S, one of the leading manufacturers and top exporters of spiral-welded steel pipes in Turkey, has signed an agreement to construct a wind power plant using 16 V112-3.3 MW wind turbines. The customer’s very first wind power plant will be ready for turbine installation … Continued

  • Japex: Production starts at the Garraf oil field in the Republic of Iraq – September 04, 2013

    Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “JAPEX”) is pleased to announce that the First Oil has been achieved on August 31(LCT), 2013 from the Garraf oil field in Thi Qar Province, the southern part of the Republic of Iraq, which Japex Garraf Ltd., an affiliate of JAPEX, together with Malaysian National Oil Company PETRONAS, as … Continued

  • Energy Regulator Could Delay License Revocation Procedure of CEZ in Bulgaria – publics.bg – September 04, 2013

    Local authorities will have to give their input on whether electricity supply disruptions should be expected, if CEZ’s electricity distribution license is revoked. More than 6 months after the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) launched a procedure for revoking of CEZ’s operation license for Bulgaria over Energy Act and Public Procurement Act violations, … Continued

  • Politics may hamper economy in Med- hurriyetdailynews – September 04, 2013

    Natural gas basins could turn the Mediterranean into a “sea of prosperity,” but there is a risk that politics may hamper economic progress, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned… Source: hurriyetdailynews.

  • Welsh pumped storage scheme gets green light for £100m investment – businessgreen.com – September 03, 2013

    Planned site in disused slate quarries near Llanberis could provide 600MWh of low carbon electricity at peak times. The approval of plans for a £100m pumped storage facility in North Wales could help bring more green energy onto the grid, the project’s developer has predicted. Quarry Battery Company (QBC) says the new facility at a … Continued

  • Cub Energy Inc. Commences Drilling of The Yolduzu – finanznachrichten – September 03, 2013

    Cub Energy Inc. announces that the Yolduzu-1 (“Y-1″) exploration well, in which Cub has the right to earn a 50% working interest, has commenced drilling on the Besni Licence in Southeast Turkey. Yolduzu-1 Well The Y-1 well is the first well for Cub to drill with its joint-venture partner in Turkey, Calik Petrol. With a … Continued

  • Genel Energy Declaration of Commerciality for Miran – September 03, 2013

    Genel Energy plc has announced that a Declaration of Commerciality (“DoC”) for the Miran field has been approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government (“KRG”). Genel currently holds a 100% working interest and is operator of the Miran licence. The KRG has the right to back in for a 25% … Continued

  • Sweden: A free trade agreement could provide a powerful energy boost to growth – September 03, 2013

    In mid-July, the first round of negotiations on a future free trade agreement between the EU and the US were held in Washington DC. For Sweden, the agreement could mean that our exports to the US increase by 17 per cent, while US exports to Sweden could increase by 15 per cent. In addition, it … Continued

  • Malaysia’s Najib Raises Fuel Prices to Trim Budget Gap – Bloomberg – September 03, 2013

    Malaysia raised fuel prices for the first time since 2010, joining neighboring Indonesia in curbing subsidies that have stretched government budgets and threatened investor confidence… Source: Bloomberg.

  • Turkey to buy share in TAP project – Trend.Az – September 02, 2013

    Turkey intends buying a share in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project using state pipeline company Botas or another company, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz said, Sabah newspaper reported on Monday. “Earlier TAP Consortium proposed to Botas 15-percent share in the project. Now we intend to consider the proposal again,’ the … Continued

  • Oman and Iran approve $60bn gas supply deal – Pipeline Magazine – September 02, 2013

    Oman and Iran have signed a 25-year deal for the Islamic Republic to supply the non-OPEC GCC state with natural gas, it is said to be the biggest economic agreement between the two countries… Source: Pipeline Magazine.

  • ExxonMobil begins commissioning Papua New Guinea LNG plant – Natural Gas – Platts News Article & Story – September 02, 2013

    Operator ExxonMobil has begun commissioning its Papua New Guinea LNG plant near Port Moseby, in preparation for first production in 2014, the company said Monday… Source: Platts News Article & Story.

  • Europe Wary of Oil & Gas Supply Cuts as Russian Dispute with Belarus Escalates – oilprice.com – September 02, 2013

    As the trade and diplomatic dispute between Russia and Belarus continues, started by the arrest of a Russian businessman, Russia has decided to pile more pressure on the former Soviet ally by banning all pork imports from Belarus… Source: Oilprice.com

  • Shale gas: more or less polluting than coal – Carbonbrief – September 01, 2013

    Research into the extent of leakage during the fracking process could seriously dent claims that shale gas is a relatively ‘clean’ fossil fuel. But the evidence still isn’t clear. More than two years after one study called shale gas “more polluting than coal”, academics are still wrangling over the fuel’s impact on the climate. Escaping … Continued

  • Pessimism and Optimism over Utica Shale – Oilprice.com – September 01, 2013

    Earlier this year some big names like Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy and EnerVest put their Utica shale assets up for sale, saying they were not meeting expectations, but this isn’t the whole story—it’s tinged with enough success to tip the scales… Source: Oilprice.com.

  • CPFL’s 50MW biomass plant starts operation in Brazil – Renewable Energy Technology – September 01, 2013

    Brazilian renewable energy firm CPFL Energias Renováveis has started running its 50MW biomass-based power plant Coopcana. The company has announced the biomass-fired thermoelectric plant has started operations in southern Brazilian state Paraná. The Coopcana plant is located in the municipality of São Carlos do Ivaí. It was granted authorisation for operation by the National Electric … Continued

  • South Africa Leads World In Renewable Energy Projects – AFKInsider – September 01, 2013

    South Africa in 2012 recorded the world’s highest growth in renewable energy investment with $5.7 billion invested, according to the U.N. Environment Program, CNN reports. The surge in investment, led largely by solar power projects, comes as South Africa moves to reduce its dependency on coal, which accounts for around 86 percent of its energy. … Continued

  • CPFL’s 50MW biomass plant starts operation in Brazil – Renewable Energy Technology – August 31, 2013

    Biomass-based thermoelectric plant Coopcana from Brazil’s energy company CPFL Energias Renováveis begins operation. Brazilian renewable energy firm CPFL Energias Renováveis has started running its 50MW biomass-based power plant Coopcana. The company has announced the biomass-fired thermoelectric plant has started operations in southern Brazilian state Paraná. The Coopcana plant is located in the municipality of São … Continued

  • Biggest coal producer in EU turns to Polish state agency for bailout – Independent.ie – August 31, 2013

    POLAND’S Kompania Weglowa, the biggest coal producer in the European Union, is considering asking a state agency for a bailout. Poland still relies heavily on coal for its energy needs, but a source said that Kompania Weglowa needs state aid after being hit by plunging coal prices over the past year… Source:  Independent.ie.

  • Irving Oil’s and Repsol’s expensive lesson about LNG – The Globe and Mail – August 31, 2013

    Spain’s Repsol SA and its junior partner Irving Oil Ltd. found themselves caught on the wrong side of the rapid transformation in the North American energy market from import-dependent to export-oriented… Source: The Globe and Mail.

  • OMV: Discovery of gas and condensate in the Mehar block, Pakistan – August 30, 2013

    OMV, the integrated, international oil and gas company, announces the discovery of gas and condensate in the Sofiya-2 exploration well in the Mehar exploration license. The presence of hydrocarbons was proven through wireline logging and testing operations. During testing, a total of 18 mn scf/d of gas plus an additional 1,550 barrels of condensate (Gross … Continued

  • European Commission selects 7 LNG projects as winners in TEN-T call 2012 – August 30, 2013

    The Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T) Call 2012 (Multi-Annual Call and Annual Call combined) makes €1.597 billion available to finance European transport infrastructure projects covering all transport modes – air, rail, road, and maritime/inland waterways – plus logistics and intelligent transport systems, and all EU Member States. As part of the TEN-T Annual Call programme two … Continued

  • Invitation for nominations for the 23rd licencing round – August 30, 2013

    The Minister of Petroleum and Energy Ola Borten Moe invited oil companies to nominate blocks they want to have included in the 23rd licencing round on the Norwegian continental shelf Wednesday. The numbered licencing rounds cover frontier areas on the Norwegian shelf, which have the greatest potential for large discoveries. “The Storting has opened the … Continued

  • Chevron Will Bring Real Dollars to Argentina to Invest in Shale – Bloomberg – August 30, 2013

    Chevron Corp. (CVX), the world’s second-largest energy company by market value, will invest in Argentine shale oil and natural gas fields by bringing dollars into the country and exchanging them at the country’s official rate, said state-run energy company YPF SA… Source: Bloomberg.

  • Risks Abound in Mexico’s New Oil Laws – Oil Price.com – August 30, 2013

    Much has been made of the recent announcement that Mexico is seeking to update its oil laws, allowing foreign companies a role in the industry for the first time in decades. How serious investors should take the news depends largely on how the political process plays out in Mexico… Source: Oil Price.

  • Conoco said there’s hope for Polish shale, but strikes cautious tone – UPI.com – August 29, 2013

    ConocoPhillips said it was optimistic about the shale natural gas potential in Poland but said it’s too early to make any commercial production declarations… Source: UPI.com.

  • Romania rejects Nabucco gas pipeline project – Trend.Az – August 29, 2013

    Romanian president Traian Basescu has demanded that the European Union returns 23 million euro spent by Bucharest on the Nabucco West gas pipeline project, to help the country to decrease its dependence on Russian Gasprom, Kommersant newspaper reported citing the country’s president. According to the Russian newspaper, Brussels believes that the claims were wrongly addressed. … Continued

  • India plans $8 bln investment in green energy corridor | News on environment, business sustainability and cleantech in Asia – August 28, 2013

    India says it has accumulated USD7.9 billion to create a ‘green energy corridor’. It first announced the concept in April when Germany offered a EUR1 billion (USD1.3 billion) soft loan. Now the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, says it has found other sources of cash to finance the corridor that will facilitate the flow … Continued

  • Renewable energy industry must adapt and innovate to fuel growth – EY Global – August 28, 2013

    In recent months, Europe has seen further policy U-turns and reactive subsidy cuts, in countries such as Czech Republic, Italy and Greece, severely impacting project revenue streams and contributing to a slow-down in the pace of investment and deployment across the region. In Germany, energy is set to be a major political battleground for next … Continued

  • Brent may hit $150 if Syria impacts Iraq, SocGen warns – August 28, 2013

    Brent crude oil prices may touch $150 a barrel if military action against Syria sparks a broader regional spill-over and causes supply disruptions in major producers like Iraq, Societe Generale warned… Source: cnbc.com.

  • Lane Energy Poland’s Łebień LE-2H well flowing
 shale gas – August 28, 2013

    A small but nevertheless hopeful sign for those holding out hope for Poland’s “Shale Gas El Dorado”. Polish daily Rzeczpospolita is reporting that the Łebien LE-2H well in Northern Poland is flowing
 approximately 8,000 cubic meters of shale gas per day. The newspaper comments that this amount of gas does not necessarily lead to commercial … Continued

  • PostNL drives a super clean truck (The Netherlands) – August 27, 2013

    PostNL is driving a super clean truck on ‘liquid natural gas’ (LNG). PostNL complies with the strictest environmental and noise requirements with this truck. LNG stands for ‘liquid natural gas’ but it is actually ‘liquid biogas’. The gas is made from waste. LNG is an ideal fuel for heavier forms of transport, such as ships and … Continued

  • Second Gazprom Award for Petrofac in Iraq – August 27, 2013

    Petrofac has been awarded a second contract by Gazprom Neft Badra B.V. on the Badra Oil Field, situated 160km southeast of Baghdad City in the Republic of Iraq. Worth US$95 million over three years, the contract was awarded to Petrofac’s Offshore Projects & Operations (OPO) business to provide maintenance engineering, maintenance execution and support services. … Continued

  • IFC postponed approval of $300 mln funding for SOCAR refinery construction in Turkey – August 27, 2013

    The International Finance Corporation (IFC) though ready to provide substantial funding for the construction of the Aegean refinery of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in the Turkish port of Aliaga, yet failed to meet the deadline of its approval. The IFC informs that at the present moment it’s expecting submission of RDS-IR investments … Continued

  • What are the trends heating up in Brazilian energy? – Houston Business Journal – August 27, 2013

    As Brazil prepares for its first oil block auctions in five years this fall, Houston energy companies are expected to be major players in the bidding… Source: Houston Business Journal.

  • No Irregularities at Bulgaria’s State Enterprise Radioactive Waste

    The EU anti-fraud office, OLAF, has found no violations in the activities of Bulgaria’s State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SE-RAW) related to the absorption of EU funds under different projects of SE-RAW. The findings are included in an official letter of Petra Kneuer, director of investigations of OLAF, to the executive director of SE-RAW, Dilyan Petrov, in which OLAF informs that the probe at SE-RAW has … Continued

  • Eastern Europe seeks shale gas ‘revolution’ – The Globe and Mail – August 27, 2013

    Eastern Europe could become the next hotbed of shale gas exploration as oil and gas moguls, such as Chevron Corp., chase opportunities in countries that want to establish their energy independence from Russia and rebuild their economies… Source:The Globe and Mail.

  • Japan and US ramp up energy storage investment – August 26, 2013

    Viable energy storage is fast becoming a reality, thanks to recent projects and new rulings in Japan, South Korea and the US. According to PV Magazine, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has announced the companies that will introduce large-scale storage batteries into electricity grid substations. The idea of grid storage is … Continued

  • Abu Dhabi firm delays $12 billion Turkey coal power plant construction – August 26, 2013

    Abu Dhabi National Energy Co (TAQA), the state-owned oil explorer and power supplier, has delayed plans to start construction of coal-fired power plants in Turkey to 2014, citing other spending priorities. Turkey’s state-owned Electricity Generation Co and TAQA agreed in January on a project worth up to $12 billion to build several power plants using … Continued

  • Renewed tension between Turkey and Israel impacts Eastern Mediterranean Gas Scenarios – August 26, 2013

    While Cyprus gets a step closer to materializing its ambition of becoming a regional energy hub by planning the construction of a liquified natural gas terminal on its island, Turkey seems to be falling behind. Israel is currently in the process of deciding whether or not to export its gas and how much of it … Continued

  • Iraq blames Shell for RM15.2 billion lost income – The Malaysian Insider – August 26, 2013

    Iraq’s oil ministry, struggling with sputtering output, has blamed Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell over US$4.6 billion (RM15.2 billion) in lost revenue due to production delays, in a letter seen by AFP today. The document, dated July 21, 2013, sharply criticises the foreign energy firm for shortfalls in oil extraction at the giant Majnoon field in … Continued

  • Energy auction in Brazil rescheduled to November

    The energy auction A-3, the first auction in Brazil in the regulated market that has been opened to solar projects, has been pushed back one month, for the initial date set last July by the government. This was the only change announced by the Brazilian government, earlier this week, for this auction which is open … Continued

  • Lukoil Bulgaria Suffers Setback

    Bulgaria’s Finance Ministry and Customs have won an important round in their legal dispute with Lukoil Bulgaria over the installation of electronic measuring gauges. The Bulgarian “Sega” (Now) daily informs that the Supreme Administrative Court, VAS, has rejected Lukoil’s claim against the requirement to mount meters at all entrance and exit points of its petrol bases in … Continued

  • India inks key energy pact with Iraq

    India and Iraq on Friday inked a key pact for conclusion of a 13-year-old contract for exploration of a Iraqi oil block estimated to hold 645 million barrels of in-place reserves. This was announced after the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Iraqi counterpart Nouri al-Maliki held talks on strategic bilateral, regional and international … Continued

  • Greece Gets Boost With TAP Decision

    After a steady flow of dismal news, Greece’s energy aspirations received a boost this month with the choice of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline to deliver gas from Azerbaijan to the European market… Source:Forbes.

  • Austria’s OMV pays $2.7bn for Statoil’s North Sea assets

    Austria’s OMV reported Monday that it is paying $2.7 billion to acquire several North Sea assets from Statoil in a transaction designed to materially enhance OMV’s upstream portfolio. The news comes just a few weeks after OMV announced a major recruitment drive in order to help it meet significant expansion goals in its exploration and … Continued

  • More job creation potential in clean energy than in oil and gas

    Government leaders and a number of other pundits are telling us that New Brunswick needs the shale gas industry and the West-East pipeline ‘for the sake of the economy’, particularly in regard to the province’s serious unemployment problems. They are saying, basically, that ‘there is no alternative’ vis-à-vis the economy even while admitting that both … Continued

  • UAE drags feet on huge energy project in Turkey

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE), which promised in January to invest $12 billion in Turkey’s Afşin Elbistan power plant, appears now to be dragging its feet on the huge project. The UAE could not keep up progress on the project as it had sought a Turkish partner but couldn’t find one, sources familiar with the … Continued

  • European Investment Bank to provide $230m for Central American renewable projects

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide $230m in financing to support renewable energy investments across Central America.This funding will be used in hydropower, wind, geothermal and photovoltaic renewable energy schemes across the region. In addition, the joint program with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration will enable approximately $500m of investment in projects … Continued

  • Turkey Secretly Builds Presence in Iraqi-Kurdistan Oil Industry

    In an effort to wean itself off expensive energy imports from Russia and Iran, Turkey has been secretly building its presence in Iraqi-Kurdistan, both on its own, and in joint ventures with Exxon Mobil… Source:Oil Price.com.

  • Turkish port of Ceyhan not getting oil from pipeline from Iraq

    A port agent in Turkey said crude oil exports through a pipeline from northern Iraq were disrupted, possibly by an act of sabotage. The agent said several ships were docked at the Turkish port of Ceyhan awaiting crude oil shipments from Iraq. Most won’t be filled because of problems with the Kirkuk-Ceyhan oil pipeline from … Continued

  • Turkey could be next big solar market

    As Turkey prepares to make a massive push toward solar, installers and solar panel manufacturers are gearing up for the Solar Turkey conference in October. The country recently announced that it hopes to install 600 megawatts of solar. That’s not a fuzzy, hazy goal for the distant future, said Anna Watson, who is producing the Solar … Continued

  • Brazil notified of oil and natural gas discovery in pre-salt basin

    Brazilian energy company QGEP Participacoes said it notified the Brazilian government of an oil and gas discovery off the country’s eastern coast… Source:UPI.com.

  • Mexico Seeks Tax Similar to Brazil for Private Oil Producers – Bloomberg

    Mexico’s government will propose taxing private oil companies that partner with state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos at a similar rate as in Brazil and Colombia, Mexico’s deputy finance minister for revenue said… Source: Bloomberg.

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