This AEO2015 report includes the following major sections:
• Executive summary, highlighting key results of the projections
• Economic growth, discussing the economic outlooks completed for each of the AEO2015 cases
• Energy prices, discussing trends in the markets and prices for crude oil, petroleum and other liquids,2
natural gas, coal, and
electricity for each of the AEO2015 cases
• Delivered energy consumption by sector, discussing energy consumption trends in the transportation, industrial, residential,
and commercial sectors
• Energy consumption by primary fuel, discussing trends in energy consumption by fuel, including natural gas, renewables, coal,
nuclear, liquid biofuels, and oil and other liquids
• Energy intensity, examining trends in energy use per capita, energy use per 2009 dollar of gross domestic product (GDP), and
carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per 2009 dollar of GDP
• Energy production, imports, and exports, examining production, import, and export trends for petroleum and other liquids,
natural gas, and coal
• Electricity generation, discussing trends in electricity generation by fuel and prime mover for each of the AEO2015 cases
• Energy-related CO2 emissions, examining trends in CO2 emissions by sector and AEO2015 case.


Source: EIA

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